5 Ways to Increase your Motivation

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Lately we’ve been talking about feeling motivated (or feeling completely unmotivated) in one of my challenge groups.  It’s definitely hard to stay motivated for weeks on end.  How do you keep up the same gung-ho attitude on week 8 that you had in week 1?  Honestly, you have to work at it.  In the beginning it comes naturally, and you’re ready to give it all you’ve got, but once you’re settled into your routine, you sometimes have to trick yourself into feeling motivated.

Please know that it is completely normal to feel your motivation go up and down.  Truly what matters is what you do (and don’t do) when you feel your motivation waning.  Take a look at some tips that can help you get your groove back.

1.  Get more sleep.

I bet you weren’t expecting that, huh?  It’s true!  When we’re tired, we want nothing to do with working out, our overall energy is lacking, and our willpower to eat well is non-existent.  Aim for 7-8 hours to feel refreshed and have a better mindset.

2. Do SOMEthing!

Not feeling excited to workout?  Tell yourself that you’ll go for five minutes, and then if it’s still a huge struggle, stop. Chances are, once you get going you’ll be able to continue and you’ll be glad you started when you didn’t feel like it.

3. Grab a friend to workout with you.

I feel pretty blessed that I can work out with my husband every single morning. We make sure the other has his/her clothes laid out the night before, nudge each other out of bed, and we always talk about what workout is on the schedule for the next morning.  And we push each other to finish each day strong. Don’t have a spouse or don’t have one that wants to work out? Call one your best girlfriend and go for a run, or do a couple rounds of Just Dance.  Maybe consider one of my challenge groups with other women on the journey?  Whatever we decide to do, it’s always more fun with friends.

4. Get into a routine – and then change things up.

Do you think I’m always motivated? Absolutely not! But what keeps me going is knowing that I have a workout program to follow daily that tells me exactly what to do each day.   I don’t have to wonder what I should do at the gym.  I  don’t exercise in a way that’s boring to me (enter the treadmill – sorry to anyone who loves running on one).  I will just never feel motivated to do that.  But you might.  Figure out what works for you and go with that.  Get into the routine.  Schedule it into your day.  Then when it starts to feel boring, change things up!  For me, when things start to feel stale, I know a new workout program is just around the corner :-).  New moves, new trainers, new challenges.  I change up my workout programs every 60 days so my motivation continues and I keep looking forward to getting out of bed each morning.  Maybe you just need to try something different?

5. Write down a small, achievable goal.

So often, we focus on the BIG number of pounds we want to lose, but that can actually work against us because of the time it’s going to take time to accomplish that goal. Instead, maybe consider how many times a week you’re going to work out, or how many ounces of water you want to drink, or how many more push-ups you want to be able to do in two weeks. Make it small, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound (SMART).  When you reach those goals, you’ll get a surge of motivation that will keep you going and working toward your next goal!

Do you think you can implement 1-2 of these right away?

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