31 Days of Super Foods Revealed

whats in shakeo.jpgI love being a researcher. I guess you can blame it on my teacher background and interest in science.

When I started drinking Shakeology, I’ll be honest and tell you that I started drinking it for the taste!  I loved the chocolate and how it made me feel.  But if I’m going to be loyal to something, I have to do my research and figure out WHY it’s worth it.

Enter the 31 Days of “What’s in Shakeology?” that I created on my FB page.  It certainly doesn’t cover all the superfoods, considering that there are 70 superfoods, but it’s a start.  I thought it would be helpful to have them all in one spot and others agreed, so here you go…

sachi inchiDay 1 – SACHA INCHI:

*Reduces cholesterol levels.
*Helps with weight loss.
*Fights depression.
*Prevents heart disease.
*Aids in diabetes management.
*Has the highest concentration of omega 3.
*Is rich in protein, good fats, and fiber.
*Helps with appetite control.


camu camuDay 2 – CAMU CAMU:

*Has 30-50X more vitamin C than oranges! It also has 10X more iron, 3X more niacin, 2X as much riboflavin, and 50% more phosphorus.
*Strengthens immune system and is an anti-viral.
*Is high in antioxidants.
*Is an effective & safe antidepressant – it balances your mood.
*Supports optimal function of your nervous system including eye and brain functions.

*Provides arthritic protection by helping reduce inflammation.
*Is an anti-hepatitic which means it protects against liver disorders, including liver disease and liver cancer.

gojiDay 3 – GOJI BERRIES:

*increase metabolism
*are rich in antioxidants and amino acids
*improve kidney function
*improve eye health
*remove toxins from the liver
*boost energy
*help lower blood pressure



quinoaDay 4 – SPROUTED QUINOA!
Did you know this was once known as “the gold of the Incas” because it helped increase the stamina in Incan warriors?

Sprouted quinoa:
*supplies all 9 essential amino acids
*has proteins required by the body to build muscle
*is a good source of fiber
*is a good source of magnesium – this helps your body get rid of disease causing substances
*also has phosphorus, folate, and iron


maitakeDay 5 – MAITAKE MUSHROOMS have been used for thousands of years for medicine. Maitake mushrooms:

*enhance the immune system
*regulate blood sugars and insulin
*lower cholesterol
*lower blood pressure
*reduce inflammation
*help with weight loss


schisandraDay 6 – SCHISANDRA is an adaptogen that increases resistance to disease and stress. It also:

*is used to treat medical conditions
*is known as a longevity herb
*is an aphrodisiac ✅
*relieves fatigue, depression, and stress
*increases stamina
*helps with circulation
*helps normalize blood sugar
*improves blood pressure
*aids irritable bowel syndrome

macaDay 7 – MACA ROOT is kind of a funny looking, huh? Who would’ve thought it could do all this…

*increase energy, endurance, physical strength
*increase your libido (known as “nature’s aphrodisiac”) ✅
*increase memory
*boost immune system
*combat stress

It’s also a good source of protein and energizes the central nervous system.

bilberrDay 8 -BILBERRIES look a lot like blueberries, don’t they? That’s because they’re in the same family. However, the bilberry has up to 4X the antioxidants and anthocyanins of blueberries, and they are extremely high in Vitamin C. Anthocyanins are the blue, violet, or red flavonoid found in plants, and they’re important because they help prevent disease. Our culture is inundated with fast food, soda, and other man-made chemicals that bring on disease, but bilberries help fight against it.


chiaDay 9 – CHIA SEEDS made the cut because:

*they enhance stamina
*help you stay hydrated
*help you lose weight because they are filling and help cleanse the junk in your intestines
*they provide calcium and protein and help regenerate body tissue
*they are rich in omega-3 fatty acid’s
*they help protect against inflammation and heart disease.


Day 10 – ASHWAGANDA.  This adaptogen helps:

*alleviate anxiety and depression
*assist the body with change (especially the muscles)
*strengthen heart and uterine muscles that can cause cramps – TMI, but my cramps are SO much less since I’ve been drinking Shakeology…so much so that my monthly can sneak up on me.👍
*balance out hormones
*improve mental acuity, learning and memory


yacon rootDay 11: YACON ROOT is grown in Peru, and it is a natural sweetener. Here’s why it’s so good. It helps with:

*weight loss
*digestion (reduces constipation)
*colon health
*healthy immune function
*healthy blood sugar levels
*cardiovascular function
*reducing cholesterol
*They also are a source of powerful antioxidants.


wheatgrassDay 12 – WHEATGRASS:

*stimulates the thyroid gland
*reduces bleeding
*improves sleep
*prevents tooth decay
*reduces constipation
*reduces high blood pressure
*helps detoxify and heal your body
*increases red blood cell count and cleanses the blood
*stimulates your metabolism and help with indigestion and obesity

pea fiberDay 13 – PEA FIBER:

*helps reduce cholesterol
*is one of the highest sources of natural dietary fiber
*may help stabilize blood sugar levels
*helps you feel full and satiated
*reduces the risk for heart disease by lowering blood pressure

Shakeology has now been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol and lower blood sugars, and pea fiber is just one of those ingredients that helps this happen. My cholesterol went down 50 points with the combination of Shakeology and exercise!

flaxDay 14 – FLAX SEEDS are one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet! It has three ingredients: omega-3’s, lignins, and fiber. Lignins are phytonutrients that may help regulate hormone levels and menopausal symptoms, and they are high in antioxidants and support the immune system. Flax seed is a great energy source and has a good effect on nerve and muscle reflexes. It helps aid indigestion and the high fiber content makes it good for weight loss.

cinnamonDay 15 – CINNAMON:

*is a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, calcium, vitamin D, niacin, and pantothenic acid
*helps increase energy, vitality, and circulation
*may help boost cognitive brain function and memory
*has been known to promote optimal blood sugar levels
*has a strong antibacterial/antifungal property
*has also been used to lower cholesterol, aid in digestion, treat diarrhea, cure the common cold, reduce arthritis pain, eliminate bad breath, and help headaches and migraine pain


oatgrassDay 16 – OAT GRASS is very close to wheatgrass and is known to:

*improve heart health
*lower cholesterol
*increase energy
*strengthen immune system
*help lower blood sugar
*fight cancer



proteaseDay 17 – PROTEASE! Ever hear of that?

There was no picture I could post with this because it is an enzyme. The main function of this is to help aid in the digestion of foods. But protease also helps rid the body of harmful organisms and breaks down toxins, cellular debris, and undigested proteins. I sure want to get rid of unwanted toxins, don’t you?



pomegranateDay 18 – POMEGRANATES:

*are packed with more antioxidants than any other fruit! Why is that important? Antioxidants fight free radicals that destroy healthy cells.
*promote a healthy immune system, help heal wounds, and enhance iron absorption.
*produce collagen and elastin which helps skin maintain its elasticity.
*are an anti-inflammatory.
*are packed with potassium and that help prevent cramps, stabilize blood sugars, and promote brain and bone health.
*are rich in tons of vitamins – thiamin, riboflavin, folate, folic acid, vitamin E.

moringaDay 19 – MORINGA!

Doesn’t this graphic just say it all? Holy moly! So glad I get that in my shakes every day. 👏




acerola cherries

* Have 65 times more vitamin C than an orange and twice as much potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B5!!

* Contain key minerals such as iron, calcium, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.

* Promote healthy blood sugar levels, memory function, and heart health.

Being in a family that has a history of heart disease and dementia, I’m working to fight off those devastating diseases!

gingkoDay 21 – GINGKO is native to China and has various uses in medicine and as food. Did you know it:

*can help fight off depression and anxiety.
*can help with concentration, dizziness, headaches.
*can help reduce PMS and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
*improves eyesight.
*can reduce Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms.
*lowers blood pressure.
*is an antioxidant and improves blood circulation.

The more I look at each ingredient, the more thankful I am to be putting Shakeology into my body every day. It’s not just a weight-loss shake; it’s a health shake!

chlorellaDay 22 –  CHLORELLA:

* fights fatigue and depression
* improves your digestion
* decreases joint pain
* increases your energy
* normalize his blood sugar and blood pressure
* reduces your risk for cancer

Yep. More things I have noticed by drinking Shakeology. A lot of these ingredients talk about reducing your risk for cancer, dementia, and other diseases that aren’t immediate. What you eat every day adds up over time. It’s the compound effect. I challenge you to think about the food you eat every day and if it’s leading you towards a healthy future or not.

astragolusDay 23 – ASTRAGALUS ROOT is another superfood that has been used in China for thousands of years. It has a ton of antioxidants, promotes a healthy immune system and respiratory system, and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. It also protects the body from stress and balances endocrine hormones. This is one of those adaptogens that help the thyroid.



reishiDay 24 – REISHI MUSHROOMS:

* help boost your immune system

* cure allergies

* fight against cancer

* cleanse the liver

* fight depression


spirulinaDay 25 – SPIRULINA is what’s called a phytonutrient. Phytonutrients are substances found in certain plants that are beneficial to human health and help prevent various diseases. Take a look at the amazing benefits of this phytonutrient…

* Fights off depression
* Reduces stress naturally
* Reduces Type 2 Diabetes (Yes, you read that right!)
* Decreases Liver Damage
* Improves Cardiovascular health
* Reduces arthritis symptoms
* Boosts your immune system
* Lowers bad cholesterol
* Increases energy
* Fights off cancer
* Aids in digestion
* A GREAT source of protein – It has a 60% protein content!
Holy cow! What an amazing super food!


rose hipsDay 26 -ROSE HIPS have been used mainly to improve the immune system, but they also do all of this:

* Decrease arthritis inflammation
* Help improve skin quality
* Protect the heart
* Fight Diabetes
* Improve regularity
* Alleviate kidney disease


holy basil

Day 27 – TULSI (HOLY BASIL) increases the body’s resistance to stress!! Here are some other benefits of the Tulsi leaf:

1) It helps boost the immune system!
2) It soothes nerves and lowers blood pressure.
3) It helps reduce inflammation such as sore throat and and swollen lymph nodes.
4) It destroys bacteria which are responsible for cavities, plaque, tartar, bad breath, and protects the teeth.
5) It provides relief from respiratory issues, asthma and lung disorders, fever and congestion.
6) It has a strengthening effect on the kidneys.


konjacDay 28 – KONJAC ROOT is a good source of glucomannan, which helps it:

* promote healthy blood sugars.
* lower cholesterol.
* help with regularity for optimal digestive health.
* help you feel full. The fiber in it can absorb up to 200X its weight in water.

Also, some of it will be fermented by healthy bacteria and work as a probiotic.

kamutDay 29 – KAMUT GRASS has been used:

*To lower cholesterol
*Fight type 2 Diabetes
*Increase libido
*Support production of thyroid hormones
*Improve the strength of the immune system
*Help the thyroid function properly
*Keep the digestive system healthy

Here is another ingredient I am happy to have in my yummy Shakeology and not drink the juices!

cordycepsDay 30 – CORDYCEPS have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. They are a parasitic fungi with over 400 members. Don’t fret though! It is used to:

*Reduce LDL-cholesterol
*Reduce effects of anemia
*Treat kidney disorder, chronic bronchitis, irregular heartbeat, liver disorders
*Help reduce respiratory disorders
*Strengthen the immune system
*Improve athletic performance
*Reduce the effects of aging and promote a longer life

luo han gaoDay 31 – LUO HAN GAO is a low glycemic fruit that is super sweet – 3X sweeter than sugar! You might wonder why I would end this month with a natural sweetener. The reason is because it’s really important to know that Shakeology tastes so good because it has natural sweeteners, not something artificial. There have been 100s of studies that show how artificial sweeteners make you gain weight, increase insulin, increase your carb cravings, and inhibit fat loss. So please check the labels and be on the lookout for sucralose, aspartame, saccharin, and acesulfame potassium. These are artificial sweeteners.

Besides being naturally sweet, Luo Han Gao can help reduce coughs and other respiratory issues. It may also work as an antioxidant to get rid of free radicals that cause health issues.

And there you have it my friends. 31 days of SUPER FOODS!  I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the super foods in Shakeology.  And feel free to check out my other post about how Shakeology is Different from a Protein Shake and Why Drink Shakeology Over Other Shakes.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

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